Solutions Portfolio - Finance

ASRC, Inc. / Dynacs, Inc. / I-NET, Inc. Cape Canaveral, FL
Technologies Used: OLAP, Cognos BI, Cold Fusion, FoxPro, Deltek GCS, Deltek Costpoint
As a subcontractor at the Kennedy Space Center, DeLoe-Smith provided project management and system integration support for the upgrade from Deltek System I to Costpoint. This task included modifying the interfaces to existing systems along with upgrading the procurement status and project management reports to a web-based environment. Currently responsible for the maintenance and support of the Automated 533m Reporting System and NASA Accrual Tracking and Worksheet Generation System along with design support for the MIDAS implementation.

Designed, developed, and documented the Automated 533m Reporting System. This system extracts month end data from the Deltek financial accounting system and projected data from the ESC work management system to generate the 533m report submitted monthly to NASA.

Designed, developed, and documented the NASA Accrual Tracking and Worksheet Generation System. This system allocates current month actuals and next month forecast cost to fund sources based on available funding and outputs hardcopy and electronic copy reports in a format to support accrual worksheet submittals to the NASA financial management office.
Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. Cocoa Beach, FL
Technologies Used: Microsoft Access, Cognos BI, Deltek GCS, Deltek Costpoint
Deltek System I job cost (ADP payroll / Access / Impromtu Reporting) and Deltek Time Collection integration. Developed a custom application to integrate the KSC electronic job cost data with Deltek System I labor distribution and billing. Developed other interfaces to streamline accounting processes as requested.
BAMSI (Brown and Associates Management Service, Inc.) Huntsville, AL
Technologies Used: SBT, FoxPro, OPMIST
As a subcontractor on the DOD Installation Support Services contract at the Redstone Arsenal, DeLoe-Smith managed the implementation of a financial work management system consisting of off-the-shelf hardware and software customized to meet unique customer requirements and provide full integration of all financial, purchasing, inventory, and work management components. Specific tasks included hardware and software purchase, PC and LAN installation/configuration, software development, training, documentation, and user support.
Sotheastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation Orlando, FL
Technologies Used: SBT, Foxpro
DeLoe-Smith provided software support for a custom work management, time collection, invoicing system integrated with accounting system.